Next Stop


Next Stop was a system developed in order to support University of the West of England students in making sustainable trasport choices. Using qualitative research methods, we gathered information and then analysed it in order to develop a concept that fit the design brief.

Our first step was to conduct surveys which would help us understand the existing information systems and experiences of UWE students. Then using thematic analysis we were able to uncover patterns in the results.

Our three initial ideas helped us to develop one final concept which was Next Stop.



Next Stop is system which provides thought provoking displays to commuters. Facts on the digital displays will convey to commuters the amount of time they are wasting waiting for the bus and encourage them to walk part, or all of their journey.

Our reasearch showed that students felt they wasted too much time waiting for delayed or overcrowded buses, therefore we wanted to show students how they could use their time more productively.



We have 2 categories for the facts: humour and motivation. The “humour” facts outline how long the wait is and make it amusing, whereas the “motivation” facts aim to encourage the commuter to walk part or all of their journey.


Example animation of display